Our final day of Activate has been lots of fun! We've had water games in the Prep and a Knock Out Party in the Pre-Prep, as well as many varied activities. Hopefully some of you were able to take a look at the Activate video that was recorded and produced by Mr Woods this week, which reflects the incredibly happy time that the children have enjoyed. I would like to thank all the staff for their amazing dedication and you, the parents for supporting Activate. We look forward to welcoming you back again next year and we wish you all an enjoyable and hopefully sunny August!

Published on 4th Aug 2017, 20:01


We have had another fun packed day at Activate. Children in the pre-prep enjoyed swimming, arts and crafts, water games, cooking, adventure playground and lots of fun on the bouncy castles! Some of the prep children tried their hand at Graffiti Art with Mik Richardson, producing many colourful creations! Our older children visited Quasar and there was also time for Intergalactic travel pouches in Arts and Craft! Tomorrow on our final day of Activate we are looking forward to water games in the Prep and to our Knockout Entertainment Party for the pre-prep. Please complete an activate feedback questionnaire if you have time.

Published on 3rd Aug 2017, 21:31


We have had another fantastic day, beginning with our fancy dress parade, which a musical and colourful delight! There were some amazing costumes, including many aliens, storm troopers and extra terrestrial creations! Following this we have had a full range of activities including lots of swimming, arts and crafts and sports as well as archery and go-karting in the Prep. Today the children have been cooking up chocolate asteroids too! We are looking forward to water games tomorrow for the pre-prep and more Quasar and Graffiti Art in the prep. Please remember to check out our photo gallery.

Published on 2nd Aug 2017, 16:14


We have had another wonderful day packed full of activities. Some of our 7-14 age group went to Quasar this morning to battle it out for top laser shooter! Both the 4-7 and 7-14 children had the opportunity to learn circus skills, which was lots of fun. Our older children have been learning to Street Surf (otherwise known as rip boarding). There has also been lots of baking and today's offering was Planet Bread! In Arts and crafts children have made Alien Key ring holders and lots more! Cooling off in the pool has also been a popular choice! We are looking forward to our fancy dress parade tomorrow!

Published on 1st Aug 2017, 16:49

Monday - Week 3

Our last week of Activate has been greeted by some welcome sunshine! Children have been busy taking part in lots of activities, including making space cookies and taking part in a Mad Science Workshop! We have also had lots of art and craft activities, nail art and lots of swimming. Tomorrow children will have a chance to learn some circus skills and there will also be a visit to Quasar for the 7-14 age group. Please may I remind you to send children with sun cream and hats as the sun it is forecast to be sunny! Please check out our photo gallery for photos from today's activities.

Published on 31st Jul 2017, 16:08

Friday - Week 2

What a fantastic week we have had ending with baking animal cookies and being entertained by Charlie Cheescake for the Pre-prep. The older children have been finishing their Hama bead, Fimo and loom band creations. We all enjoyed a delicious snake hot dog lunch, followed by a water-charged afternoon of fun and frolics getting wet on the front lawn. Thank for choosing Activate and we all hope to see you next week or next year. Best wishes from the Activate Team.

Published on 28th Jul 2017, 16:26


It's been sunny today and the children have been enjoying water games in the pre-prep and Quasar and Graffiti Art in the prep age group. There have been lots of other activities going on with Zoo poo ( or Rocky Road !) cookery proving particularly popular. Tomorrow it will be water games for the prep and a Charlie Cheesecake party for the pre-prep in the afternoon. Please check out the photo gallery to see photos from today!

Published on 27th Jul 2017, 14:50

Wednesday - Week 2

Today the children from pre-prep and prep came together in the sports hall to enjoy a colourful Theme day fancy dress parade. There were some fantastic outfits and it was greatly enjoyed by everyone! We were also lucky to dodge the showers and use the bouncy castles and some prep children were fortunate enough to have the chance to do trampolining! Tomorrow we are hoping to have water games for the pre-prep depending on the weather and the prep children have a visit to Quasar and a visit from our friend Mik Richardson (Graffiti Artist).

Published on 26th Jul 2017, 20:42


Today we have had lots of fun. Some of our 7-14 age group have been to Quasar, whilst our 4-7 group have been cooking animal bread and taking part in a clay workshop! Our kitchen staff treated us to Crocodile pie and Pond punch which were much enjoyed by the children! We are looking forward to our theme day fancy dress parade tomorrow.

Published on 25th Jul 2017, 14:42


Published on 25th Jul 2017, 14:37

Activate Week 2 - Monday

Today we began our week with a visit from Banham Zoo, meeting hissing cockroaches, a python, millipedes and giant land snails. The children also took part in a range of activities from arts and crafts to dodgeball and cooking mini monkey muffins! Please see our photo gallery for pictures from today and the rest of the week!

Published on 24th Jul 2017, 18:24

Activate Week 2 -

Published on 24th Jul 2017, 18:14

Activate Week 1 Day 5 Friday

Pre-prep enjoyed their watergames this morning and Prep are raring to go this afternoon. Lots of activities happening this morning in our final day of activate. This week has been great fun and the children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Hope to see you all again next year!

Published on 21st Jul 2017, 12:22

Activate Week 1 Day 4 Thursday

Pre-prep are getting very excited about their water games this afternoon and there is a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen from the lovely pizzas that are browning nicely in the ovens the Prep are enjoying Quasar, swimming and racket sports.

Published on 20th Jul 2017, 12:08

Activate Week 1 Day 3 Wednesday

After the storms last night we started the day with our colourful fancy dress parade and we all shook our tail feathers! Lots of fun still to come today, trampolining, go-karting, badminton, cooking and arts and crafts.

Published on 19th Jul 2017, 10:53

Activate Week 1 Day 2 Tuesday

Everyone had a great day yesterday, and thankfully at the moment it is a little cooler! Quasar is happening for the juniors this morning and the seniors have Art and Crafts, making mosaic coasters and the ever popular football in the sports hall. Lots of activities to look forward to this afternoon. Don't forget to have costumes ready for the parade tomorrow and remember to view pictures in the Gallery

Published on 18th Jul 2017, 10:43

Activate Week 1 Day 1 Monday

Once again we have been blessed with fine weather for the start of Activate. The forecast is for it to get hotter, so sun cream and sun hats are essential please! The children have enjoyed a wide range of activities and we have had a visit from Knock Out Entertainment, doing a Street Dance workshop. Please could all Prep (7-14) children bring their indoor trainers for use in the Sports Hall. Please click on our gallery link for photos from the activities today and the rest of the week.

Published on 17th Jul 2017, 14:27